Wilson Case has distributors from coast to coast. They are veterans in the shipping case business. You are welcome to contact them if they are in your area.

Wilson Case Distributor Map

SCS Cases - IL
Crystal Lake, IL
Contact: Jeff Walter
Phone # (763)560-7600
Email: [email protected]
Fax # (763)560-7602

Tempe, AZ
Contacts: Steven White
Phone # (800)345-1498
Email Steven: [email protected]
Fax #: (480)982-9456

DesPac Cases
Port St. Lucie, FL
Contacts: Sharron Huffaker
Phone # (800)540-2995
Email Sharron: [email protected]

EPS Engineered Packaging Solutions

Poulsbo, WA
Contact: Steve Jennings
Phone # (360)598-9985
Email: [email protected]

EPS Engineered Packaging Solutions
San Dimas, CA
Phone # (909)592-7406
Contacts & Email:
Tim Jennings: [email protected]
Gabe Nakash: [email protected]
Mike Holley: [email protected]
Mike Herman: [email protected]

SCS Cases - MO
Kansas City, MO
Contacts: Mark Terman
Phone # (816)807-5801
Email Mark: [email protected]

Pro-Tech Case Company

Ft. Worth, TX
Contact: JD Harris
Phone # (800)714-6747
Email :[email protected]
Fax # (817)479-6130

Wakefield, MA
Contacts: Steve Sutton
Phone # (781)245-5100
Fax # (781)245-5161
Email: [email protected]

EPS Engineered Packaging Solutions
Los Altos, CA
Contact: Kim Buurma
Phone # (650)988-9384
Email: [email protected]

Wilson Case - WA Branch Office
Tulalip, WA
Contact: Stefan Olsson
Phone # (800)322-5493
Email: [email protected]

SCS Cases - MI
Temperance, MI
Contacts: Bruce Rideout
Phone # (734)847-4760
Email: [email protected]
Fax # (734) 847-6562

Southern Regional Packaging
Alpharetta, GA
Contacts: Martin Whitfill
Phone # (770)410-0696
Fax # (770)410-0694
Email: [email protected]

MM Solutions
Loveland, CO
Contact: Sean Rud
(970) 203-0393
Email Sean: [email protected]
Fax #: (970)203-9634

EPS Engineered Packaging Solutions
Costa Mesa, CA
Contact: Chris Perry
(949) 722-7806
Email:  [email protected]

Wilson Case Home Office
Hastings, NE
(800) 322-5493
Email:  [email protected]
Fax #: (402)463-5276

We are always looking to build new relationships with quality case pros. Contact Doug Huffaker at [email protected] to inquire about new distributorships available.