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    ATA-300 Category I standards are vital for cases that are intended to ship various types of products and materials that may be sensitive to the conditions of travel. ATA road and flight cases can be used for anything from military equipment and ammunition to electronics and musical instruments to trade shows and event production equipment. ATA-300 approval means the casing will withstand the normal to rough handling associated with common carrier shipments (i.e., by truck, airplane, and boat) for 100 trips.

    Wilson Case specializes in building custom ATA shipping cases, offering competitive pricing and quick shipping solutions. With more than 40 years as leaders in the industry, we use experience, creativity, and innovation to design custom ATA flight cases and road cases that will meet any packaging challenge. Every case we design is made to be simple to safely load, ship, and unload repeatedly.

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    Gallery of ATA Cases

    ATA Medical Device and Tool Cases

    Healthcare professionals work with medical equipment every day—some of which may be heavy, fragile, or expensive. Transporting this equipment to a new location can be a challenge, especially if your travel plans involve flying. Your focus should be on providing the best care possible to your patients, not on how to transport your medical devices. Fortunately, our ATA shipping cases can safely store all of your medical equipment no matter what your travel plans entail.

    Antenna ATA Shipping Cases

    Antennas are fragile pieces of equipment, which is why extra protection is needed to transport them. Wilson Case’s ATA-compliant transport cases are designed with a custom foam interior to cradle and protect your antenna. Have other gear you need to ship with it? Not to worry—we’ve got ATA shipping cases for a variety of equipment, and we’re always happy to work with you on a custom case design.

    Computer and Field Office Shipping Cases

    Whether you’re building a new office from the floor up or you need a mobile workstation in the field, you want your equipment to arrive at its intended destination in good condition. Our computer shipping cases can be outfitted for your equipment’s exact specifications so you can focus on the work at hand instead of worrying about how to safely transport your electronics.

    Trade Show Shipping ATA Cases

    If you often attend trade shows to promote your business’s products or services, you’re probably wondering how to best transport your equipment. Our shipping cases are ATA-compliant and come in a wide variety, so whether your exhibit uses TVs, computers, tables, panels, or a combination of all the above, our cases can safely store your equipment on its way to your next event.

    ATA Flight Cases and Shipping Cases

    Flying with precious cargo? We’ve got you (and your stuff) covered. Browse our catalog of ATA-compliant cases to get started, and if you don’t see a case that fits your travel plan, we’ll work with you to design one that does.

    ATA Custom Drone Shipping Case

    When you need to ship drones, there’s a much better option than packing them in a suitcase and crossing your fingers. Our custom drone shipping cases are durable, secure, and built to ATA-300 standards. We can help you get your valuable equipment wherever it needs to go without a scratch, whether it’s across the world or just down the street

    ATA Athletic Trainers and Equipment Custom Shipping Cases

    Wherever the team goes, their equipment follows. From helmets and uniforms to water coolers and headsets, there’s a lot of stuff to lug around when you’re managing a team of athletes. Our custom shipping cases protect your athletic gear so that you can focus on the state of your players—not their stuff. Plus, they’re ATA-compliant, which means you won’t have to worry about your athletes’ equipment incurring any damage during transport.

    The Benefits of Custom ATA Shipping Cases From Wilson Case

    Our custom ATA road and flight cases are dependable shipping solutions that are guaranteed to last. We can design your custom ATA shipping case specifically to your needs and preferences, offering variety in:


    • Casing configurations, including rack and shockmount cases, work boxes with or without tables, front-hinged casing, middle-split casing, ramp options, and clamshells.
    • Storage compartments, including trap doors, tilt bins, fixed or adjustable shelves, interior doors, straps, pouches, and netting.
    • Security and labeling options, including silk screening, stencils, plates, TSA locks, keyed locks, and padlocks.
    • Mobility options, including turf tires, casters, and skidmates.
    • Internal foam options, including type (polyethylene, polyester, or anti-static), lining, slotting, filling, and die-cut custom inserts.
    • Stacking options, including ball corners, recess cups, and rubber feet.
    • Color options for paneling and laminate.

    Our Custom ATA Shipping Case Design Process

    When beginning to develop the design for custom-built ATA flight cases or road cases, we work closely with prospective clients to fully understand their needs. We’ll start by examining the items that need to be shipped and determining the industry regulations that need to be followed in addition to ATA-300 guidelines.

    Since custom ATA cases are 85% of our business, we’ve managed to streamline the process over time to make it easiest for our clients. Where most customers need to send in a product for a custom case to be built around it, Wilson Case uses SolidWorks to render 3D models of the case with the product inside, utilizing a blueprint CAD file provided by the customer. This guarantees that the case is designed with precision efficiently, avoiding the time and money lost when we have to handle the product in person.

    We’ll present each ATA case design to the customer and make any requested alterations. Once the design is approved, we’ll begin fabricating the shipping cases. The design file that’s approved by the customer is the same used on the shop floor, and each case is hand-assembled by experienced staff. Once production is complete, the custom ATA case is shipped to the customer, usually arriving within two days.

    Order Your Custom ATA Shipping Case From Wilson Case Today

    When it’s gotta get there and back in one piece fast, count on Wilson Case! Our custom ATA flight and road cases, lifetime warranties, and personalized attention to each individual’s shipping needs and challenges guarantee customer satisfaction like no one else in the industry can. Contact Wilson Case today to order your own custom ATA shipping case solution.