Virtual Drop Test Impact Analysis on Wilson Shipping Case Solutions

Our shipping case pros offer virtual drop testing and impact analysis.  This is a valuable tool for shipping case design validation on the factor of safety that you require. It allows us to simulate a physical drop event and predict the behavior of our shipping case and your product inside during a drop. With our robust simulation software, we can determine the most damaging orientations of your packaging with respect to hypothetical accident conditions.

Virtual drop testing allows us to anticipate and solve problems before they occur and design your shipping case for your factor of safety. It's a proactive approach that can save you time, money, and resources.

No more scheduling physical lab testing, losing time shipping your product and our shipping case to testing labs, waiting for test results, only to repeat the process over again.  With virtual drop testing, we can evaluate different design variations, validate the design and ensure your factor of safety all in one.

Get your product on the road faster, save time and resources and get the edge over your competition.

SIMLab-WCI Virtual Drop Test & Impact Analysis offers:

  • Range of drop heights, surfaces, edges and corners with control over the assurance levels
  • Multiple iterations with valuable insights
  • Collect detailed data on components and assemblies’ performance under impact.
  • Identify critical areas

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