Custom Computer Shipping Cases & Custom PC Cases

Custom Computer Shipping Cases

We design custom shipping case solutions that will deliver computers, monitors and all the peripherals safely and simply all over the world. We also offer FEA analysis when you require your custom shipping case solution to be validated to your specific criteria. Our virtual simulation analysis services – SIMLab-WCi will validate our shipping case solutions and reduce or even eliminate the need for physical prototypes and testing. Say goodbye to the tedious and costly design-build-test-redesign stage of getting your product safely on the road. We offer drop-impact, proof load, static linear, thermal and vibration analysis.

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Custom Desktop Computer Cases for PCs

We know how valuable desktop computers can be, especially if they’re custom-built. You’ve invested a lot in your PC setup already, so don’t take any risks when it comes to shipping a desktop computer. Order a custom desktop computer case from us and we’ll make sure your PC is delivered with care.

Custom Laptop Shipping Case

Without a proper protective case, traveling with laptops can feel like a high-stakes mission. Skip the stress by investing in a laptop transport case. Wilson Case has a variety of cases that make shipping laptops and iPads easy, but if you don’t find one on our site that fits your needs, we’re happy to design a custom laptop shipping case just for you.

Custom Shipping Case for iPads

iPads and other tablets are especially vulnerable to damage during transport. If your organization relies on iPads to conduct business, don’t make the mistake of passing up a protective case. Our iPad shipping cases can hold anywhere from 60 to 250 tablets—plus, they’re easy to padlock and include a slotted foam interior for maximum protection.

Custom Dual Monitors Shipping Case

Sometimes work calls us away, and when it does, it usually requires our equipment to come with us. Take your monitors on the road with our dual monitor shipping cases, which include wheels, foam inserts, and a heavy-duty exterior for low-stress transport.

Custom Console Workstation

Work is wherever you need it to be with our custom console workstations. We’ve previously designed console workstations that have their own work surface, space for a display monitor (or two), storage compartments, and more. We’re happy to work with you to design a custom console workstation that fits your unique needs. Request a quote now for your custom console workstation now.

Custom ATA Computer Shipping Case

We’re experts when it comes to designing shipping cases that meet ATA standards. Our ATA-compliant computer shipping cases will ensure that your PC is secure during transport no matter the travel conditions.

Custom Shipping Case for LCDs, Keyboards, and Computers

Figuring out how to securely transport fragile and expensive electronic equipment can be a challenge. Wilson Case can help. We have a variety of shipping cases designed to protect your keyboards, computers, monitors, and other electronics, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, we can design a custom case that meets your shipping needs.

Custom Shipping Case for iPads, Asus Laptops, and Blu-Ray Players

Moving offices? Heading to a conference? Whatever the reason behind your need to transport your electronics, there’s a simple and safe solution. For example, just one of our custom shipping cases can hold 15 iPads, six Samsung Blu-ray players, and two ASUS laptops. No matter what you’re shipping, Wilson Case is here to help. Request a quote today.

Custom Shipping Case for Surface Pros and Laptops

Shipping your electronics in individual boxes is old-school—not to mention difficult to sustain. Instead, invest in a long-term solution for shipping your equipment. For instance, just one of Wilson Case’s custom shipping cases fits up to 10 Surface Pros tablets and two laptops, and there’s more where that came from.

Custom Shipping Case for PCs

PCs aren’t designed with travel in mind, but our computer shipping cases are. With foam inserts, a heavy-duty exterior, and wheels, our cases are created to safely store your computers during transport and make loading and unloading as easy as possible.

Custom Server Rack Shipping Case

Servers are sensitive, which makes transporting them a perilous task. Fortunately, we are experts when it comes to challenging shipping situations. Our custom server rack shipping cases will ensure that your servers are delivered to their location without a hitch. If you don’t see a stock case that fits your needs on our website, we’ll happily work with you to design one that does.

Why Choose Our Computer Shipping Cases?

Wilson Case has been manufacturing custom cases for nearly 45 years—in fact, custom case design makes up more than 80% of our business. We’ve built custom PC and electronic equipment shipping cases for many different industries and clients, including leading tech companies such as Apple, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Samsung, and others. Although we regularly design cases for large companies, we also work with smaller businesses, and we can help you come up with a case design that meets your shipping needs and your budget.

We use high-quality hardware and raw materials to craft all of our computer transport cases, ensuring that our clients’ valuable electronics are fully protected in transit. Some of our most commonly used materials include ABS-clad plywood and aluminum skin-clad plywood, both of which have a hard, protective covering, and Wilson LT, our special reinforced trilaminate. Every material and piece of hardware used in our custom computer shipping cases is selected for its ability to withstand heavy use. All of our cases are backed by a limited lifetime warranty—if you receive a case with any workmanship or material defects, we’ll pay to have it shipped back, repair it, and return it to you promptly.

How We Make Computer Transport Cases

We can design a custom computer shipping case tailored to the shape, size, and quantity of the laptops, desktops, and other devices you need to transport. We’ll start with a conversation about the electronics you plan to transport to find out if you have any special requirements. For example, if you’ll be flying with your equipment, you’ll need a flight-ready computer transport case that meets the airline’s checked baggage rules. We’ll also ask you to send us a document (similar to a blueprint) so we can customize your transport case to your PC’s exact dimensions.

Next, we’ll create a mock-up of your case using SolidWorks, our 3-D solid modeling technology, and have you review the detailed design before we proceed with building. With your approval, we will begin the manufacturing process. We’ll convert each SolidWorks file into CNC computer control language, allowing us to cut the raw materials on our machines to a thousandth of an inch with precision. Our skilled engineers will then build your case using heat-treated angles, quality plated steel hardware, and proven construction techniques.

Order Your Custom Computer Case Today

No matter how many computers you need to transport or what kind of electronic equipment you have, Wilson Case can provide a customized shipping solution. Invest in our custom PC transport cases so you’ll never have to worry about your valuable electronics while they’re in transit.

Tell us about your shipping challenges and the features you’re looking for in a case, and we’ll provide you with a quote. We look forward to designing and manufacturing a custom shipping case that will keep your computers safe for thousands of miles.