With Wilson Case, you're not limited to stock cases — just to your imagination!  Custom shipping case design is 85% of our business. We offer dozens of options that can be used to design a shipping case to meet your specific requirements.

If you do not find what you are looking for in the options below, contact Wilson Case and we will find it for you.

We also have a large inventory of stock shipping cases that ship as fast as 1-2 business days. Order your next shipping case from our online store or request your quote now on a custom shipping case.

case options

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Foam Type

Polyethylene: A more rigid, firm, closed-cell foam type. Works best for heavy items or for lining a multipurpose case with 1/2" foam thickness.

Polyester: A softer foam most commonly used to protect sensitive items. Provides a soft cushion for delicate gear.

Anti-Static: Pink in color. Used for sensitive electronic components.

case foam options

Foam Configuration
Color Options
Miscellaneous #1
Miscellaneous #2
Miscellaneous #3

Option Highlights:

Every now and then we highlight our most useful and most popular shipping case options. Our options serve a variety of needs for mobility, security and usability. Check out the latest highlights such as our RamGuard and other popular options below:


Wilson's forklift RamGuard plates help protect cases from accidental damage from forklifts gone out of control. If your case is large or heavy, RamGuard plates as well as casters or skids are great options to make your tough Wilson case even tougher.


The RamGuard is becoming a choice of marketing pros shipping their displays from show to show. It is also a great option for any case that must be moved by a forklift.



Ask for the RamGuard on your next shipping case!


Wilson's Turf Tire option is making a big impact in the mobility
of heavy-duty cases—And many customers are glad they have them!


Turf tires make it easy to roll loaded cases over rough surfaces. No matter if you are on cracked cement or are out in the field, these wheels will keep moving. They are solid core rubber wheels that roll like a radial tire but will never go flat. Turf Tires are available in 6" or 8" sizes with brakes optional.


case turf tire


Ask for Turf Tires on your next shipping case!