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  • When you need a shipping case that’s more than just a standard container, come to Wilson Case. We design custom mobile training cases that can protect your valuable demonstration equipment during transit and become a functional workstation following delivery. If you’re looking for a training case for computers, digital displays, simulation equipment, or other valuable electronics, we will work with you to design a container that meets all your requirements and that is simple to safely load, ship, unload and repeat. Browse our great selection of custom cases below:

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    Why Choose Our Custom Cases?

    At Wilson Case, we recognize that every customer has different needs for their mobile training cases. Some may need to set up a full mobile classroom, while others may need a case that meets airline checked baggage requirements in order to transport demonstration equipment to a conference. Some customers may need a large interior space and a fold-out ramp to transport larger simulator equipment, while others may need an elaborate system of drawers and dividers to keep their smaller training materials in order. We recognize that to some people, a mobile training case might be a shockmount container, while to others, it might be a foam-lined container for shipping plasma screens.

    Because our customers have diverse needs, we specialize in designing custom cases. In fact, custom orders make up more than 80% of our business. We have over 30 years of experience designing and building specialized training cases for a wide range of industries, including tech, government, and healthcare. We pay close attention to the shipping and transportation challenges of all our customers and recommend case designs and features that address their biggest pain points.

    How We Make Your Custom Case

    When you call us to request a custom mobile training case, we’ll start by talking to you about the equipment you need to move and specific challenges you may have (e.g. needing to meet checked baggage requirements, needing to fit the case through standard doors). We’ll also ask you to send us a file similar to a blueprint so that we can see the dimensions of the equipment you need to containerize. Using this information, we’ll design your case using our 3D modeling program, SolidWorks, and send you detailed design files to approve.

    Once you approve the design, our engineers will convert the case model files into CNC computer control language, which allows us to cut all the materials for your case on our machines. With our workshop technology, we can cut intricate case designs with precision down to the thousandth of an inch. After the materials have been cut, our skilled manufacturing team will use proven construction techniques to build the case to your exact specifications.

    We stand by the quality of our work and materials, and all our custom cases come with a limited lifetime warranty. If you discover any material or workmanship defects when your training case arrives, we’ll cover the entire cost to repair it and return it to you as expediently as possible.

    Get a Quote on Your Custom Case Today

    If you need a mobile training case for your next conference or educational event, contact us to get a free quote. We’ll work with you to come up with a case design that meets both your needs and your budget. Once you place your custom order, you should receive your case within 10 business days.