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  • Using rugged, lightweight, waterproof cases is a must for times when your gear is going to experience extreme weather and handling conditions.  Items that are exposed to water can become warped, moldy, or rusted, or they might melt or freeze due to temperature changes. When shipping or storing something, water damage is the last thing you want to have to worry about, particularly if you know your case will spend time outdoors and may come in contact with rain or snow.  We know shipping mishaps happen, cases get tossed, hit by fork lifts and dropped.  Using a case that is rugged, indestructible and can take impact and still protect its contents is the right choice.

    Wilson Case offers rugged waterproof shipping and carrying cases that are guaranteed to keep liquids from reaching your sensitive, expensive products. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using a waterproof case.

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    Keep Items Safe

    Most products are highly vulnerable if they are in contact with water for too long. If you’re case is going be exposed for a long time to weather, it’s important to use a waterproof storage case so that the piece inside isn’t ruined.  If you need to ship your products, or store them in an area where you cannot control the climate, your product can be damaged by contact with water and moisture.  Rugged, waterproof cases are a smart choice to protect your item’s integrity.

    Protect Perishables

    When shipping medical supplies, it’s imperative to use a waterproof case to prevent medicinal formulas from becoming compromised. The same goes for food—when these perishable items come into contact with moisture, they can grow mold and bacteria, making them unusable and unsafe to eat. Articles of clothing also need to be kept dry in order to prevent mold growth.

    Keep Out Moisture

    Waterproof cases help ensure a tight seal so no moisture seeps in and keeps humidity out. Products such as medicine, food, and even electronics often need to be in a proper controlled-temperature environment. Medicines can chemically denature if they get too hot or too cold. Creams and food can melt or freeze if they’re exposed to either extreme. Waterproof cases carrying temperature-sensitive items are likely to keep the products inside safe from environmental damage, whether it’s boiling water or freezing rain.

    Prevent Oxidation and Rust

    Electronics such as cell phones, televisions, and computers cannot get wet during shipment. If they do, the wires and fine parts inside of them will oxidize and rust, breaking the products. When transporting larger electronics, such as amplifiers or stereos that are often used at outdoors events, the storage case may spend some time outside and be subject to natural elements such as rain or snow. Using a waterproof case to store these products is important to prevent damage to electronics. Similarly, tools and weapons used by the military cannot get wet on their shipping journey because their inner parts will rust.

    Keep Out Dust

    Since waterproof cases are airtight and secure, they also help to prevent any dust from entering the case. Like water and moisture, dust can corrode the inner workings of electronic devices and other sensitive equipment. Dust may cause metal to corrode, and if one small part of an electronic item becomes corroded, it can be difficult or impossible to salvage it.

    Protect Items from Being Crushed

    Waterproof cases are made with hard, durable exteriors, making them well-equipped to be dropped and to have items stacked on top of them. The strong exterior of a waterproof case is just as good at diminishing the impact of shock and weight as it is at keeping water out.

    Using waterproof cases is the best way to ensure that your products stay dry and secure through their entire shipping journey. Count on Wilson Case to design reliable waterproof cases that will solve all of your industry’s shipping challenges.