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Wilson Case - Wilson LT & LTX Shipping Case Panels

Tough, lightweight shipping cases - We're not kidding!


Wilson Case never spares quality -
all other materials and craftsmanship standard on our ATA-300 cases are also standard on Wilson LT and LT Extreme cases are backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty

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wilson-lt-material-2Tough, lightweight shipping cases don't have to be built with heavy ABS-clad plywood panels. Our Wilson LT and LT Extreme shipping case panels are the answers to "Can you make it any lighter?"


The Wilson LT panel is a 1/4'', tri-laminate reinforced wilson-lt-material-1polypropylene material and is engineered to be as strong as traditional 1/4'' and 3/8'' plywood laminated panels. The center of the Wilson LT panel is non-directional—giving it remarkable strength to protect your gear and endure the rigors of shipment over and over again. Cases built with the LT panel are up to 45% lighter than those with plywood laminated panels and they are not affected by temperature fluctuations. The Wilson LT is a perfect choice for many shipping case requirements.


With the success of our standard 1/4" Wilson LT shipping case panel we set out to find a thicker version ideal for larger, heavier case applications. Our engineers found various panels available in 3/8" and 1/2" thicknesses which other case manufacturers are choosing to use. Once we tested these panels we found them to be inferior to the Wilson LT and not a good exchange for 1/2" wood panels. We kept searching until we found a solution that would not compromise case strength or the protection of the equipment inside. We found it!

The NEW LTX case panel is a 1/2" thick LT panel. It has the same compact, non-directional center as the Wilson LT, not affected by temperature fluctuations, no large center voids and no compromise in larger case sizes. It is an extremely tough and extremely lightweight shipping case panel that provides protection and durability in even the largest case sizes and caseloads.

Here are some of the benefits of shipping cases built with the Wilson LT & LTX panels:


  • Up to 45% lighter than cases made with ABS-clad plywood
  • Significantly reduces shipping costs—every time you ship
  • Non-directional construction for super strength and protection
  • Moisture resistant
  • UV tolerant
  • Chemically inert—safe for virtually any equipment
  • Easier to handle and lift
  • Recyclable