Custom Medical Device Shipping Cases

When healthcare professionals and equipment manufacturers need help shipping medical supplies and devices, they turn to Wilson Case. Our custom medical equipment shipping cases, built to ATA-300 standards, can be designed to the most particular specifications to meet unique shipping challenges. Wilson Case makes custom medical cases and mobility stations that are easy to load, ship, and unload in all sorts of conditions. Whether you need to ship million-dollar devices to a new hospital or deliver a high-tech medical examination table to a disaster area, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of our previous case designs.

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The Benefits of Custom Medical Equipment Shipping Cases from Wilson Case

Wilson Case manufactures dependable products that are built to survive at least 100 common carrier shipments (by land, sea, or air) while ensuring the utmost stability, safety, and protection for your sensitive medical equipment. Each case can be designed to your exact specifications. We offer a variety of options for:

  • Casing configurations: monitor casings, FEMA cases, etc.
  • Trap doors, tilt bins, fixed or adjustable shelves, interior doors, straps, pouches, netting, drawers, adjustable trays, and refrigeration
  • Labeling: silk screening, stencils, and metal or card plates
  • Mobility: turf tires, phenolic casters, ramps, and forklift ram guards
  • Internal foam: materials (polyethylene, polyester, anti-static), lining,
  • slotting, filling, and die-cut custom insert
  • Stacking: ball corners, recess cups, and rubber feet
  • Colors for paneling and laminate

Medical stations need to keep sensitive, delicate, and fragile medical supplies organized while also being easy to deploy and begin using quickly and efficiently. We can design cases for a variety of mobile medical uses: nursing stations, POD medical mobility, dispensing medication or other necessary supplies, portable generators, oxygen cylinders, communications equipment, and mobile ICS command units.

Wilson Case’s Design Process

Wilson Case works closely with clients and contractors to fully understand their shipping and storage needs and the conditions each case will need to withstand. Once we know what medical supplies or equipment will be shipped, we can determine the federal and medical regulations the cases need to meet in addition to standard ATA-300 guidelines.

Since custom ATA cases are 85% of our business, we’ve streamlined our process to make it easier on our clients. Other casing suppliers require their customers to send in the items that will be shipped before they can develop and produce a custom case. Wilson Case, however, can use SolidWorks to render 3D models of the case from only a blueprint CAD file provided by the client. This process guarantees that your case will be designed with precision efficiently, saving the time, money, and resources lost when the manufacturer has to handle the product in person. Your medical equipment can stay where it’s usable until it’s ready to be shipped elsewhere.

When we finish designing the custom case model, we’ll present it to you before manufacturing and make any requested alterations. Once the design is approved, we’ll begin fabricating your case. Each case is hand-assembled by experienced staff using machine-riveted construction and heat-treated, plated steel hardware. Once production is complete, your cases will be shipped to your specified destination ready to use.

Order a Custom Medical Equipment Shipping Case from Wilson Case

Request a quote for a custom medical shipping case today to make sure your medical devices are safe in transit and your mobile medical stations are ready to operate at all times. Wilson Case will ensure the safety of your equipment so you can ensure the health of your patients.