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84-3010A Custom Transport case to house V-22 Ramp Mounted Weapons System



Whether sending supplies to military bases overseas or federal agencies at home, the US government needs durable shipping containers that can safely and securely carry delicate electronics, bulky tactical equipment, disaster relief supplies, and other types of critical cargo to their final destination. It’s often necessary for the government to procure military shipping cases as quickly as possible in order to send crucial and time-sensitive supplies to combat zones, or to find containers that can house large or awkwardly-shaped equipment, such as tent hardware or mobile workstations. Wilson Case provides solutions to government and military shipping challenges by offering both premade and custom containers.


As a GSA contract manufacturer, Wilson Case has extensive experience in designing custom and standard shipping cases for government and military uses. Our premade military shipping containers are available in a wide range of sizes and can be customized for your equipment. Most of our standard cases are available now, meaning your agency or department can get your case quickly and begin using it to safely transport your sensitive equipment. We also offer fully customized cases for equipment that can’t travel in standard containers. We are able to manufacture our cases to your exact specifications, down to the placement of the hardware and the type of interior foam.



Examples of Cases We’ve Made for the Military and Government

  • Footlocker Cases
  • Field Office Cases
  • FEMA Cases
  • IT Cases
  • Medical Mobility Workstations
  • Rackmounts
  • Shockmounts

Benefits of Government & Military Shipping Containers from Wilson Case

Our military transport cases are built to last, no matter where they travel. We use only the highest-quality materials, and our containers are hand-made by skilled workers, many of whom have been with our company for more than a decade. And with our 3D CAD modeling technology and CNC machines, our team can handle complex designs and intricate details so that each military hard case meets our government clients’ specifications.


Cases from Wilson Case are a cost-effective choice, especially since shipping container rental is not always a practical option when gear is being sent to combat zones or disaster relief sites. Our cases also provide safe shipping and transport a breeze by making it easy for you to load, ship, unload and repeat as necessary. When you purchase a case from our company, you’re getting a durable yet lightweight container that will protect the important equipment inside.

How We Make Government/Military Shipping Cases

Order Your Government/Military Case Today

We work closely with all our clients to ensure that we deliver the exact shipping case they need. Our government clients can choose from our selection of standard cases and request hardware substitutions or other adjustments, or request a completely customized case. Clients who need a customized case can submit a file similar to a blueprint to SolidWorks, the 3D CAD program we use to design our containers. This allows our clients to get the right size case without having to send us their equipment for reference. We use SolidWorks to model your case accurately, with precision down to thousandths of an inch.

If you need shipping cases to transport sensitive government or military equipment, contact Wilson Case today. We can help you select premade cases for quick delivery or come up with a custom solution to a current shipping challenge. Click here to get a quote now.