Virtual Thermal Analysis on Wilson Shipping Case Solutions

Our virtual FEA analysis gives you the power to ensure that your product is not just in a good shipping case, it's in the best!

SIMLab-WCi thermal analysis is a method that enables you to assess the heat transfer over components due to thermal loads. This analysis method yields a comprehensive steady-state and transient behavior of your product subjected to thermal environments.  It uses thermal variables and boundary conditions which are related to the displacement and stress predict your model’s structural response due to the thermal conditions.

This analysis can help you identify potential thermal failure points, optimize the design of your shipping case, improve the reliability and durability of your product, comply with regulatory requirements and save you time and money.  Virtual FEA analysis removes the constraints of limited iterations, and the design, build, test, repeat system that your competitors are doing to get their products on the road.

SIMLab-WCi Virtual FEA Analysis allows us to validate our shipping case in the design phase.  It allows you to reiterate the shipping case design till we get it right, before we build it.

SIMLab-WCi Thermal Step analysis consists of:

  • Evaluate temperature response
  • Heat flux vectors
  • Structural Step Analysis
  • Displacement
  • Stresses
  • Factor of safety