Custom DuraLite Cases

When choosing a shipping container, you need to consider both the container’s weight and durability. Ideally, your case should be lightweight in order to reduce shipping costs and make the loading and unloading process easier. However, you also need a case that’s sturdy enough to protect your cargo from damage in transit. Wilson Case offers the best of both worlds with our custom-designed lightweight travel cases.

When you choose a case built with DuraLite™ or Wilson LT panels, you’ll get a product that is up to 30% lighter than standard shipping cases, yet strong enough to withstand rough airport baggage handling or the unpredictable shifting of cargo in the back of a truck. These cases are suitable for a wide range of medium-duty transit applications, including the transportation of sales demo gear and other trade show equipment.

Not sure if our lightweight shipping cases are the right choice for your gear? Call us and tell us what you need to transport, and we’ll be happy to make a recommendation. We cn design and manufacture a custom case to your exact specifications that will always be simple to safely load, ship, unload and repeat. Browse our great selection of custom DuraLite™ cases we’ve designed in the past below:

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Why Order Lightweight Cases from Us?

At Wilson Case, we know that a one-size-fits-all shipping container isn’t right for most of our customers, especially when they need to ship valuable, fragile, and/or awkwardly-shaped equipment. That’s why we’ve made custom manufacturing the focus of our business. When you call us and ask for lightweight cases, we’ll pay close attention to your shipping needs and challenges in order to design the best possible container for your product, and we won’t start building until you have approved our drawings.

When requesting a DuraLite™ or Wilson LT case from us, there are very few limitations. You can choose the case style, hinge locations, interior foam type, and hardware. If you need a recessed combination lock for additional security at the airport, we can add that. If you want your case to have a pull-out handle and edge casters for easy maneuverability, we can do that too. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

How We Make Lightweight Shipping Cases

Before we start manufacturing your custom case, we will talk to you to find out what you’re looking for and to make recommendations. We will then create a detailed case design using SolidWorks, our 3D modeling program. Our custom design services are free—we’ll simply send you a quote along with the completed drawings of your case.

Once you approve the design and quoted rate, we’ll begin building your lightweight case at our workshop. We are able to accurately cut all case materials, even those with curved edges, by converting the SolidWorks design files to CNC computer control language on our machines. Our skilled workers are then able to assemble the case using proven construction techniques.

We back all our lightweight travel cases with a limited lifetime warranty. Contact us if your case arrives with any material or workmanship defects, and we’ll cover the full cost to make it right.

Revolutionize Your Shipping: Order a DuraLite™ Case

Start saving on shipping costs and protecting your valuable equipment with our DuraLite™ and Wilson LT lightweight cases. Call us at 800-322-5493 or request a quote using our online form to receive a free custom design proposal.