Custom Trade Show and Exhibit Shipping Cases

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  • Custom booths, TVs, and other equipment for trade shows don’t come cheap. If your company often attends conferences or trade shows to promote your products or services, cases are necessary to transport your valuable equipment. Custom trade show and presentation shipping cases from Wilson Case not only protect your equipment from damage but also make setup, packing, and traveling a breeze.

    Whether your exhibit uses TVs, banners, computers, heavy equipment for demos, tables, panels, or a combination of all of the above, our custom trade show cases can accommodate your setup. Our custom cases can be designed for certain shipping specifications or specially made to carry along on a plane or load aboard a truck. All of our cases are designed for simple loading, shipping, and unloading on a repetitive basis.

    Graphics and Banner Shipping Cases

    Custom-made graphics and banners for trade shows can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to multiple thousands of dollars. If you’ve spent that kind of money on custom signs for trade show exhibits, don’t just roll them up and put them in your suitcase. Instead, extend the lifetime of your signage by investing in banner and graphics shipping cases, which include everything you need to get your prints and stands to your next location free from damage.

    Computer and Charging Station Shipping Cases

    Electronics are some of the most vulnerable kinds of equipment to transport. From water damage and temperature spikes to bumpy roads and haphazard loading, a lot can go wrong. Don’t risk arriving at your next business event with broken equipment—purchase a computer shipping case to lower the risk of damage during transport. Our computer charging station cases can be used as mobile power sources, which means there’s nothing to worry about if your next trade show booth is farther from an outlet than anticipated.

    Custom Kiosk Shipping Cases

    If you’ve shelled out for a kiosk for your business, a custom shipping case is a must. We’re here to help protect the components of your setup so your next trade show experience is as easy as possible. Whether your kiosk is used as a display for products or features touchscreen monitors, we can build a custom trade show shipping case that fits your setup’s exact specifications. 

    Electric Lifts and Ramps Shipping Cases

    Our shipping cases with ramps and electric lifts are designed for professionals who are also road warriors. When you’re traveling from event to event, having your unloading and setup process down to a science makes a big difference. Don’t blow out your back by moving heavy equipment—let us help by supplying you with a custom trade show case that’s designed to move it for you.

    HDTV, Monitor, and Video Wall Shipping Cases

    Whether you’re planning a conference or setting up a new workspace, transporting a batch of monitors and TVs is not an easy task. We’re trying to change that by designing large shipping cases built to protect your lineup of equipment, no matter where the road takes it. From cases with electric lifts that display HDTVs to rolling trunks that can hold up to 10 TVs, we’ve got you covered. 

    Rack and Shockmount Shipping Cases

    If you need to move sensitive electronics and can’t afford to have them damaged, a custom rack or shockmount case may be the best solution. These hard cases are designed to absorb shock in order to protect their contents, even if a case is dropped or collides with another container in a truck or airplane cargo bay. We manufacture these custom shipping cases with features like high-density foam, lifting rings, and casters to help you safely transport gear such as computers, digital displays for presentations, and delicate audio equipment.

    Trade Show Booth, Product, and Misc. Cases

    A typical trade show booth setup includes promotional signage, product displays, computers, and LED monitors, as well as anything needed to help those elements look purposefully arranged. With so many pieces of equipment to transport (and probably not many employees to help you do it), you’ll want to invest in trade show cases that make loading and unloading a breeze—not to mention protecting your gear from the wear and tear caused by travel.

    Trunk-Style Shipping Cases

    Need a custom shipping case that can hold multiple monitors as well as microphones and video equipment? Then one of our trunk-style shipping cases may be right for you. We have options in a wide variety of sizes, from large shipping cases designed to store a dozen laptops to smaller trunks built for one highly specialized piece of equipment. If you don’t see a shipping solution that works for your setup, we’ll work with you to design a custom case that does.

    Work Cases, Tables, and Drawers

    Whatever your field of work, if ample equipment is required, you understand the hassle that is business travel. Our mission is to make your job easier by providing custom shipping cases that meet your unique needs. We know that it’s possible because we’ve designed mobile classrooms and custom trade show exhibit cases that hold every element of complex setups. Sound like something your business could benefit from? Browse our premade options or get in touch with us to talk about designing a custom work case.

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    Custom Trade Show Cases: Recap

    Believe it or not, setting up your next trade show booth can be a stress-free experience. No matter what your setup entails, we’ve got a solution for transporting it. Reduce the risk of damage to your equipment during the journey and make loading and unloading easier—purchase a custom trade show exhibit case from us.

    Get started by browsing our custom shipping case catalog, from cases for promotional graphics cases to workstations on wheels. If you still don’t see a solution that fits what you’re looking for, we’ll be happy to work with you to design one that does.

    Why Wilson Case’s Custom Trade Show Cases Are Superior

    Wilson case offers a variety of configurations and stacking options when it comes to designing your custom trade show shipping case. For example, you can choose to add wheels, ramps, or mechanical lifts to your custom case for easy packing, loading, and unloading. We also have the option to add fold-out tables, cabinets, drawers, and other organizing features for a smooth booth setup. On top of all that, you can design a case that promotes your brand with a variety of colors and labeling options.

    The materials and craftsmanship of custom Wilson Cases are superior to those of our competitors. Our cases are built by hand, and many of our workers and engineers have over a decade of experience with us. We use heat-treated angles, high-quality plated steel hardware, and lightweight, durable panels. Our custom cases can be made with ABS-clad plywood or our special Wilson LT materials that are up to 45% lighter than plywood panels.

    If you frequently attend large convention centers and trade show events, we have the option to add RamGaurd ™ to the bottom of your case to protect against forklift damage. Forklifts are often used to move cases around for these types of events. Lastly, our custom trade show cases are guaranteed to last for the lifetime of your equipment.

    How We Make Custom Trade Show Cases

    We communicate directly with the person or people that will be using your case to understand exactly how it will be used, and we take a blueprint of any special or unique equipment you might have that needs to go in your presentation case. We help you to understand everything you’ll need for your custom case, such as what types of doors it will have to fit through and shipping specifications. This will help you decide what kinds of materials and features are best for your custom case.

    We use SolidWorks 3D CAD software to create a 3D model of your case so that you can see exactly what it looks like before it goes to production. We create custom cases according to your exact specifications—precision down to the thousandths of an inch is a standard for us. Even though our cases are unique and made with high-quality craftsmanship, we are sensitive to your time constraints and easy to work with.

    Order Your Custom Trade Show Case

    Contact Wilson Case today to learn more about how we would design a custom trade show case for your equipment. We will help you find the most convenient and efficient custom case solution for storing, setting up, and transporting your trade show equipment.