6 Common Military Shipments

Safely shipping military equipment to military bases is an important part of making sure that our soldiers are as well-equipped as possible. Helping or Military deploy safe and fast is always our focus. A deployment can last for many months, or even years, so although military personnel are able to bring supplies with them when first arriving at their deployed location, they frequently need to restock on equipment throughout their time at their post.

Wilson Case makes a variety of shipping containers to ensure that military supplies arrive at their destination safely and securely. Here are some of the most common items that we’ve made military shipping cases for.

Medical Equipment

Safely delivering medical equipment to our troops is essential. Wilson Case has designed numerous medical device shipping cases, mobile med packs and medical cases for all the peripherals needed to keep our military healthy. Fast, mobility and safe deployment is always our primary focus.  Med Packs keep supplies in place, secure and make inventory quick. Wilson Case makes medical shipping cases for the military that have custom-designed foam inserts to hold medical paraphernalia in place so that it’s not jostled on its shipping journey.


Automatic guns rust from the inside if exposed to even a tiny amount of dust. Military outfits need to find packaging that will protect their guns from the elements, but it’s hard to find stock cases that weapons will fit, particularly if they’re long or thin. Also, weapons are susceptible to damage if they are dropped on the ground. Wilson Case can design a custom solution that is specifically designed to deliver your weapons safely.

Miscellaneous Tools

While on base, soldiers may need miscellaneous tools such as knives, wrenches, flashlights, or batteries to perform their various duties. Sharp items like knives need to be held securely in a hard-covered case so as not to break free and hurt someone in the shipping process. Wrenches, flashlights, and batteries are all small, so they could slip through a crack and get lost during shipment if not properly secured. Since you can customize the size and dimensions of Wilson Case cases, you can choose whatever size you need to ship these sharp and smaller items.


Our military utilizes the most cutting-edge technologies to set up communications and field offices. Deploying these technologies fast, safe and easily for our military is what Wilson Case has done for decades. Laptops, desktop computers, or other electronic devices such as iPads can be very useful to military intelligence and planning, but they’re sometimes difficult to ship. Electronic items need to be entirely protected from natural elements such as rain or snow, and they need to travel in a shock-proof environment in order to avoid movement-related damage. Our cases for sensitive electronic items have secure, weather-proof closing mechanisms as well as hard exteriors and foam inserts on the inside to ensure protection against shipping damage.


Drones are composed of many small, delicate, and expensive parts, and like other electronics, they’re susceptible to water damage from weather conditions or traveling across the sea during shipment. Additionally, drones are uniquely shaped, so they often require specialized shipping cases. Custom-designed Wilson Case military shipping containers are perfect for ensuring the delivery of drones both domestically and internationally.  Our waterproof, indestructible drone cases are being used by our military all over the world.


The military needs to deliver a steady supply of rations to bases across the globe to keep their soldiers well-fed. When being shipped, food cannot get wet, and some food cannot get hot because it will melt or cold because it will freeze. Also, it needs to be kept safe from hungry animals who could smell food through flimsy shipping cases, such as cardboard boxes not up to military standards. Since our military shipping containers are tightly secured with metal latches and are made with thick, strong exteriors, rations stay well-protected. Because many military supplies are fragile and sensitive to both temperature changes and weather conditions, it’s important to choose the right case to ship your items. Choosing a custom-built military shipping case from Wilson Case will give you the assurance that the military items will arrive safely in order to support our troops.

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