How to Ship Medical Equipment Effectively Blog

Sophisticated medical equipment must be packaged with care to arrive at hospitals and facilities in excellent working condition. Medical devices, like any technology, evolve over time, and their shipping and handling needs have to change with them. More and more high-tech devices are making their way to hospitals across the country, but hospital personnel don’t always know how to ship or receive expensive medical equipment properly. Here are some tips for making sure your medical devices stay safe at every point of the shipment process.

Think One Step Ahead

Preparation always pays off, especially when shipping sophisticated medical equipment—healthcare organizations can’t afford to lose an item in transit or at the loading docks. Medical professionals may need to use a device as soon as it’s delivered, so plan your packing strategies ahead of time to make sure everything arrives in working condition.

Start by researching your shipments’ exact final destination. If you know the medical facility’s protocols before you ship, you can design the case in accordance with the hospital’s shipping and handling requirements, ensuring that all equipment can be moved and unloaded without delay.

Both shipping and medical personnel must be able to comfortably move large cases with care. Wilson Case specializes in designing customized ATA cases that are highly durable and easy to load, ship, and unload under every condition. Adding turf tires, phenolic casters, ramps, and forklift ram guards will make moving heavy orders easier for your crew.

Be Ready for Arrival

Make sure your case is easy to unload once it arrives at its final destination. If you’re shipping medical devices to a disaster area, you may not have time to figure out how to unload life-saving equipment. Every shipping case should be simple and straightforward for medical professionals to unpack as soon as it reaches their location. Be aware of the environment, too, in case ramps or wheels will be necessary to transport the shipments quickly.

Wilson Case Can Help

With over 40 years of experience in designing custom cases for a wide variety of industries, we’re confident we can safely get your medical equipment where it needs to be. We work closely with medical professionals to design cases that can support any situation common to the healthcare industry. Whether you need to ship medical equipment to a disaster area or deliver new, high-tech devices to a hospital, you can count on our team to design medical shipping cases that meet your exact requirements.