Wilson Case Designs Custom Shipping Case for OSIRIS-REx Space Mission

Wilson Case and engineers at Lockheed Martin worked together to design a custom shipping case to protect NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Collection Capsule as it is transported from one manufacturing facility to another. This space mission is currently underway, and the samples are being collected. It’s a pretty incredible mission!

Wilson Case’s History With the Aerospace Industry
Our team of shipping case design engineers has worked with a variety of start-ups and leading manufacturers in the aerospace industry for over 45 years. We have built custom shipping cases for space suits, space missions, aircraft assembly parts, MRO components, communications, modules, and more. Aerospace cases are often large and intricate, with specific features for the protection of critical, costly instruments, modules, and products.

The Packing Challenge
The pros at Wilson Case worked with engineers from Lockheed Martin to design and build a custom shipping case that would provide maximum protection for the costly OSIRIS REx sample module. The aerospace case needed to be easily mobile and rugged and tough enough to withstand multiple trips, and it had to have a custom foam interior that was designed with precision for ultimate protection. The shipping case interior also needed to allow for a lifting tool that made it easy to remove the module from the case.

Why Aerospace Companies Choose Wilson Case
When aerospace manufacturers need to ship their products, they choose a shipping case company they trust. They choose a leader in the industry—one who knows how to build an aerospace case with precision, that has a creative design team that can meet their intricate demands, and one they can trust to meet critical timelines again and again. Wilson Case uses solid modeling technology and CNC routers and has a workforce with decades of experience with designing custom shipping cases for all major aerospace companies.

The OSIRIS-REx Mission
The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is traveling to Bennu, a carbonaceous asteroid. This is one of the most potentially hazardous asteroids because it has a high probability of impacting Earth late in the 22nd century. Visit the OSIRIS-REx website to watch the mission’s progress.

View the case we designed specifically for this mission.