Proper Shipping Techniques for Military Equipment Blog

Military personnel have some of the most difficult jobs in the world. They not only have to spend months away from home but often must also live, work, and fight in some of the most remote places on Earth. One of the biggest challenges the military faces is transporting the equipment and supplies their service members need. Whether it’s disaster relief supplies, electronic equipment, tactical gear, or weapons, everything needs to be safely and securely packed in durable shipping containers for transport.

What Are the Hazards?

Weapon systems and other equipment have specific packaging needs. Keeping equipment free from dirt and dust is relatively easy, but corrosion, moisture, and static electricity are bigger issues. Even a small amount of corrosion can leave a rifle inoperable. Static electricity has the potential to ruin electronics or even detonate explosives—cardboard, plastic, and some other common packaging materials may allow static electricity to build up to dangerous levels. Impact is another potential hazard to weapons and other equipment. The last thing you want to do with a weapon is drop it on the ground, risking damage to the equipment and nearby people alike.

Common Solutions

Sealing equipment into poly bags is an effective way to keep things clean, but this can speed up corrosion. Other types of plastic avoid the moisture that can lead to corrosion but do nothing to counteract impacts. Finally, multilayered shipping containers keep weapons and gear clean and dry, but they must be engineered to minimize static electricity.

Determining Packaging Needs

Every weapon, piece of gear, or consumable supply has specific packaging needs. Different items can be damaged by different conditions: Food and medicine need to stay within a certain temperature range, weapons and computers must be protected from corrosion and static electricity, and even more robust items like clothing must be kept clean and dry. Every item needs protection from potentially harmful environments. In most military transport situations, custom shipping containers are the go-to solution.

Our military personnel depend on having their equipment, supplies, and weapons clean, dry, and ready to use wherever they are the world. Few things are worse than transporting equipment to a remote destination only to find that poor packaging has made it worthless. The U.S. military depends on shipping partners with the experience and resources to do the job right. Wilson Case has been providing shipping solutions to the government, the military, and private entities for over 40 years. Whatever your shipping challenge is, Wilson Case can supply the solution you need.