Reasons to Use a Waterproof Shipping Case


We couldn’t live without water, but some items can’t live with it. If you are shipping sensitive materials like electronics or medical supplies, if your shipments need to cross the sea to reach their destination, or if you’re working with equipment that may be exposed to rain at an outdoor sporting event or concert, water is a serious hazard. By using waterproof shipping cases to package your items, you can make sure they will arrive in pristine condition. Here are some reasons why ordering watertight shipping cases is a good idea.

Protection from Irreparable Damage

Just as it’s important to choose packaging that will hold your product securely and limit sliding and jostling, it’s also important to provide protection from the elements. Subjecting sensitive cargo to water damage can completely destroy its parts.

Take, for example, a large amplifier being transported to a music festival. If the subwoofer gets rained on while not in use, your sound system will suffer. Or, say you’re shipping a number of IV pole infusion pumps for people in hospitals. If this package arrives at the hospital with water damage, then not only will a lot of money be lost, but patients also won’t get the treatment they need. Waterproof shipping and carrying cases will keep these materials from being shorted out or diluted beyond effectiveness.

Extra Safety for Maritime Cargo

The logistics industry still relies on ocean freight for a large share of international shipping and trade. Shipments on an ocean liner are usually kept in large shipping containers and unlikely to go overboard, but water on the upper decks is unavoidable, especially in choppy seas. Waterproof shipping cases provide an extra layer of protection from the ocean spray.

Nanuk Shipping Cases

Wilson Case has partnered with NANUK to provide reliable waterproof shipping cases to our customers. NANUK cases are watertight, indestructible, and lightweight. They come with a soft handle with an easy grip, rolling wheels, a retractable long handle to make movement easier, and a PowerClaw latching system to prevent cases from accidentally opening in transit.

Every NANUK shipping case is certified following durability tests. They’re proven to be leak-proof when submerged in up to 1 meter of water, do not show signs of damage when items weighing 6.8-31.8 kilograms are dropped on them, and are capable of withstanding and absorbing repetitive shocks so the case’s contents don’t take damage.

Count on NANUK and Wilson Case for the best waterproof shipping cases on the market. We’ll get all your most sensitive shipments from A to B without a drop.