Safely Shipping High-End TVs and Monitors

TV Shipping Case.

Large-screen displays, HDTVs, and LCD video walls are being shipped around the world for training, events, and sales meetings. These TVs are our connection to our favorite streaming services, they bring stunning 4K images to life, they’re used for big presentations, and they help you vanquish opponents in the virtual world-today’s TVs, computers, and monitors are awesome pieces of technology. When it comes time to ship these items, utilizing shipping equipment that is just as impressive can ensure safe transit. The last thing anyone wants is a cracked screen, so consider this your study guide on everything from how to ship an HDTV safely to finding the right computer monitor shipping box.

Why Smart Shipping Is Important

Your TVs, monitors, LCDs, HDTVs, and computers are investments. You took the time to decide which model had the right specs to meet your needs (for presentations, events, or personal entertainment), you did your homework to find a great deal, and you paid hard-earned money to treat yourself to something nice. Why not protect it with the best shipping cases available?

From shipping a television across the country to transporting a monitor to your new office, one wrong move could result in damage if it’s not properly protected. If a pot hole or missed step isn’t enough of a worry, another reason to take the time to properly store your items for shipping is because you may not be around them the entire time. Movers and shippers are notorious for not treating items like their own, and if a monitor or TV is damaged in transit, you may be stuck having to buy another. The right storage case alleviates the issue of a reckless mover and provides safety throughout every leg of the journey.

What To Look For In an  HDTV or LED Monitor Shipping Case

TVs and monitors come in all sizes and all kinds of unique shapes, so finding a case can be challenging. That’s why starting with a custom-made case is a wise decision. After outlining all of your dimensions, our team will take the time to design your case so that it fits your piece of technology exactly. On top of that, you can make your case stand out by customizing the item with unique laminate color, interior lining, labeling, security features, and mobility and stacking options.

On top of rugged quality, a great shipping case has options for portability, such as handles, and is accessible while providing secure storage. Portable cases like this one come in handy when shipping a TV because of their useful handles for transport and accessibility for wiring. Notice how these cases are versatile and can help you safely transport bulky, expensive, sensitive, or unusually shaped equipment-they’re great for shipping shock monitors.

How To Ship Smarter, Not Harder

Now that you feel confident about what to look for in a quality case to transport your fragile screen technology, it’s time to look at how to package a TV or pack a monitor for shipping. If you’re going the old-school route and not utilizing a proper shipping case, then you’ll want to make sure that your TV or monitor is snug inside of the container you selected for it. Lining the box with padding, foam, or another shipping material will help prevent damage in transit, ensuring that hardware does not get jostled during a long trip. Remember, the original box your item came in is an option, but a well-designed computer monitor or TV shipping case is your best bet.

Selecting a quality case to ship your technology is the first step toward making sure your items aren’t damaged in transit, and you should feel confident in your ability to find the right one for your products. After selection, make sure that your computer or TV is secure within its case and is safely stored in the vehicle or plane it will be traveling in. Now that you’ve done your due diligence, you can sit back and relax knowing that your TVs and monitors will be safe.