Shipping Vaccines Safely

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every continent, resulting in unprecedented deaths and illnesses and changing our way of life forever. Although it may seem to many of us like these trials will never end, there’s already light at the end of the tunnel—vaccines have arrived.

According to the CDC, the best vaccine is over 94% effective. Organizations like WHO, CEPI, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have invested heavily in vaccine development. In January 2021, 190 countries joined COVAX, which will distribute vaccines globally. These efforts are already making a huge difference around the world.

Every shipped vaccine saves more than just one life. That’s why ensuring the safety of your vaccine storage containers is crucial. Here’s how you can safeguard vaccines while they’re being transported.

Vaccine Shipping Supplies

Proper vaccine storage and handling requires a few different pieces of equipment. The main idea is to keep vaccines cool without freezing them. They must be kept at specific temperatures to remain effective and safe.

You will need:

  • Hard-sided, portable vaccine coolers
  • Frozen water bottles (avoid reusing coolant packs)
  • Insulation and corrugated cardboard
  • Thermometer with display
  • Packing foam or bubble wrap

Transport Cold Shipping Boxes Safely With Custom Shipping Cases

The pros at Wilson Case design custom shipping cases to transport refrigerators and cold box systems housing vaccines around the world.  Protective shipping case solutions for vaccine transportation offer peace of mind that the vaccines will arrive safe and ready.

Pack Your Vaccines for Transport

Before packing your vaccines, condition your frozen water bottles by placing them in lukewarm water until the ice spins inside them. For insulation, use bubble wrap or packing foam (avoid packing peanuts).

When the vaccines are ready for transport, pack the cold shipping box with supplies in this order, starting at the bottom of the box:

  1. One layer of frozen water bottles
  2. One layer of cardboard
  3. One layer of insulation
  4. Half of the shipment’s vaccines

When the cold shipping box is half full, place the thermometer in the middle and leave the display outside the box. Continue packing in the following order:

  1. Remaining vaccines
  2. More cardboard and insulation
  3. Remaining frozen water bottles

When the package is completely full, close the lid and secure the temperature display on the outside. Your vaccines are ready for shipping.

Vaccine Storage and Handling

When you receive a vaccine shipment, unload them immediately and record the temperature, date, and time, then transfer them to a refrigerator quickly. If you notice a significant temperature change, label the vaccines “Do Not Use” and store them at an optimal temperature until the manufacturer can confirm their safety and integrity.

Get Vaccine Storage Containers from Wilson Case

Few things are more important than safely transporting coronavirus vaccines at this moment in time. Therefore, it pays off to invest in quality shipping cases that will ensure the safety of vaccines and other medical equipment. We offer custom and stock cases for medical devices, lab equipment, and other healthcare essentials.

All custom cases come with the following benefits:

  • ATA-standard protection from damage
  • Portability for streamlined transport
  • Unlimited customizability
  • Quick access to contents

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