Why the Aerospace Industry Needs Custom Cases Blog

Since the dawn of manned flight over 100 years ago, the aerospace industry has always been on the leading edge of technology. Success in this industry often requires intricate, delicate, and unwieldy pieces of equipment to be available in remote areas. Packing and shipping this equipment for transport around the world, or even into space, is a significant challenge.

As with every other industry, supply chain efficiency is a major concern in the aerospace industry. When the right equipment and supplies aren’t available, the cost of wasted time and money can be significant—sometimes even lives are on the line.

The Challenges to Overcome

Transporting equipment for the aerospace industry has unique challenges. Here are three of the difficulties that shippers must overcome:

1.     Fragile Equipment

Whether it’s delicate electronic instruments, parts of a jet engine, or mission-critical control components, much of the equipment crucial to the aerospace industry is extremely sensitive to vibration. With millions of dollars, countless hours of research, and even human lives at risk, the potential cost of failure is unacceptable. Protective cases featuring specially engineered cushioning are essential to ensure that delicate equipment arrives at its destination in working order wherever it may be needed.

2.     Unusual Shapes and Sizes

An aerospace application depends on components of different sizes and shapes. You may need to transport something as small and delicate as a few microchips for a guidance system or something large, like a 50-foot rocket stage that weighs 50 tons. In either case, your equipment must arrive in good condition and ready to use. Meeting this challenge requires innovative, extraordinary shipping solutions.

3.     Robust Security

Much of the work in the aerospace industry is sponsored by government and military contracts, which come with strict requirements for security. Even in the private sector, a new piece of hardware could represent millions of dollars in research and development. In every case, customers expect their equipment to be safe from prying eyes. It’s essential that shipping containers for the aerospace industry can be locked securely to protect the valuable equipment they carry. Working in aerospace is exciting. As commercial uses for outer space continue to develop, the aerospace industry will always need innovative transportation solutions—Wilson Case has been providing them for more than 40 years. What can we transport for you?